Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If you remember these 5 golden rules, you will succeed in sales

How often do you get rejected by a prospect? Not once but several times. Somewhere along the sales process, something may have happen. It’s always easy to point a finger at your competitor’s pricing and product offerings. Most often, there are soft signals given out which you may not realize. It can be your body language and the way you bring forth the solution, verbal and non-verbal. A self check is good but to level up, successful salespeople will tell you these 5 things.

Like a sales bible, you must remember and swear by it!

Never Make Assumption

Here is the scenario:

You made assumptions in the first round of conversation due to the past incidents. Your predecessors pass down the baton, saying this client will talk about price. So, you start off with price emphasis. Naturally, the other party shifts his gear towards dollars and cents. How low can you go? Of course, not possible and thus, sales lost. And is that necessary?

Do not put the same blanket across all clients. Gather information first. A great way is to get a broader opinion: “Mr. A, what do you think of this product?” Should the client sounded interested, try not to assume again but question professionally: “Mr. A, what would be your consideration to make this deal happen?” Once you gather buying signals, get a final confirmation through closing question “Mr. A, when do you need me to deliver?”

Go the extra mile

You may not like it but hey, this brings you sales commission. This doesn’t mean you are a next-door maid. You take the initiative after sensing that the client has repeatedly asked for something but can’t get. Therefore, go all out to retrieve it, at a reasonable value. You can also be proactive to share some insights. Not frequently otherwise you can be an irritating fly! You may not get his approval but over time, he can be your most valuable asset.

Mutual Respect

A client can be superbly egoistic, thinking he knows more than you. He is testing your emotional reaction. Sadly, he is the Decision Maker. Do you cross swords with him or back off?

Take a step back. The basic rule is to assess his personality. With a strong character – one of the options is to sincerely praise him, be humble and ask for his perceived comments of your product or service. Why? Respect is important. Once you gain his trust, he is likely to accept your view points. Then, you can move in to find the common ground. No matter what, never be too opinion-minded and make your client look tiny. And if you are unsure on cross-culture norms, don’t talk about it. Observe and inquire politely.

Make Deals Everyday

The moment you start corresponding with your client, the first thought should be “how can I turn him into my client?” Think creatively, exploit opportunities and find out the best option that your client will accept. In other words, be an “Everyday Solution Thinker”. Let’s say the client likes your product but mention it’s similar to another competitor (objection), use scenario-based response -“what if I can match like-for-like value but I include an additional battery for you, will this work?” So, you try to figure how the deal can be closed by offering a concession.

80% Listening, 20% Talking

Listen attentively, not at surface level. To make sure you understand deeply, you concentrate, become sensitive to his statements and nod your head to acknowledge. Use phrases like “from what I hear…..can I say that you are looking for…..” Take a mental calculation of repeated words and re-clarify thereafter. For instance, “in your opinion, what would be a good value? I gather that you mention twice….” The client must be talking, not you.


Mastering the 5 ways may not be easy. However, if you make it a habit, you can easily develop your own style, comprising the golden rules.

Happy selling!

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