Sunday, May 4, 2014

2 killer questions that make Recruiters look unprofessional during interviews

1. You do not have the relevant experiences. I don’t think we will consider you

Here is a typical scenario:

The company receives the applicant’s resume. The applicant has zero experiences in this industry. Experience is the major criteria and something which the firm needs. No room for negotiation. Technically speaking, the Recruiter has done his job of picking out key points that match the job requirements. In this case, the Recruiter will not have contacted the applicant after reviewing.

However, there are instances, despite the above; the Recruiter invites the applicant for the interview, knowing that he has not passed the scanning stage – experiences needed. So, the applicant heads down to the Recruiter’s office. The interview finishes less than 5 minutes.

This is completely different from phrasing it as “what do you think will make us consider you, judging from your lack of experiences?”

The Recruiter fires down the applicant and does not provide him an opportunity to substitute experiences with other skill sets. The applicant may wonder “if experiences are solely important, why does he actually ring me and set an appointment?” Maybe the Recruiter is putting the applicant to a test. But the applicant gets a shock and unable to maintain his composure.

What the applicant can possibly do is to ask question relating to the exact purpose of the interview. He may be surprised at the answers!

2. We have filled up this position. Will you consider other roles?

Wait a minute. Isn’t the applicant interviewing for this role, only to be told that it’s filled up? What’s going on?

On the spot, the poor applicant is asked whether he will consider other roles. Being thoughtful, he will answer yes. Obviously, he needs more information and can’t provide an immediate Yes/No response. On the other hand, the applicant thinks opportunities are gone if he says no.

Stuck in the rut, he has little time to react. Further probing reveals that Recruiter did not bother to notify the applicant. The Recruiter should ring the applicant earlier and explain the reasons. Provide the new job description to the applicant and give him time to consider. What he is keen may not align with his expectation as responsibilities may differ. Alternatively, ask for more details first.

If you have known other cases of Recruiters being unprofessional, please feel free to share or drop me a line. KT Academy does interview coaching, equipping you skills to listen, engage before selling your profile to the Recruiters.

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