Monday, April 8, 2013

18 Motivational Phrases

I read interesting articles about the career, business and life profile of individuals from different backgrounds. Majority are CEOs, businessmen and head honchos of multinational corporations whom start from scratch.

Thus, I have compiled the 18 phrases that are inspirational or worth thinking further. You could use some of them as motivational drivers to spur you forward.

1. New things happen every day; you get new inspiration by looking at things or people

2. What’s most important is your willingness to learn, desire to achieve – not just getting your educational certificate

3. When you join a company, demonstrate that you have the ability and capacity

4. I have to tell my company boss what I could do. Prove it! Not just your instructions

5. Formal qualifications give you a leg up but to succeed, a person needs EQ, IQ & AQ

6. When an opportunity presents itself, we take it and multiply it many times.

7. Have a sense of accountability when you are given an asset or task to work on

8. I need to know how to sell if I want to start my business or advance my career

9. Money lost can be earned back. But reputation once lost, is hard to recover back

10. There is an outcome; be it negative or positive. Don’t give up halfway!

11. When you prove to people you are capable, people will respect you

12. Don’t just go for money and title – enjoy what you do is most important

13. Work for a company that can give you quality training, especially your first job

14. If I have a job to do, I will do it, complain less, think positive and ensure it’s a job well done!

15. Life is a book with many chapters. What is your most successful page?

16. If I give up now, does that mean I will give up in life?

17. Sometimes, you just need to follow your heart, something you TRULY like

18. You just need an “Aha” moment from people or things around you. Do you notice it?

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