Saturday, January 1, 2011

The year of 2011 - time to reflect?

The year of 2011 has started. Happy New Year to all!

Looking back, I began to reflect my past work done as a competent Career Coach. Primarily, the topics included in my materials:

(a) Career Planning
(b) Interview techniques
(c) Resume & cover letter editing
(d) Personal profiling such as strengths & weaknesses
(e) Needs-based analysis
(f) Understand business mechanisms
(g) Listening skills
(h) Verbal communication

So, the list goes on and on...

This year, I am delighted to understand that majority of my clientele found the personal career coaching sessions helpful and informative, with the standardized set of approach and consultative one-to-one practical work.
(see testimonials at

Of course, there are handfuls that may not be ready or be constrained by personal challenges to consider career coaching as an option; this despite their self-acknowledgment to do so. The common inner critic is, "it is not the time now" Bearing all external circumstances and unforeseen obstacles, problem is "when will be the right time"? Do you place high priority or simply procrastinate?

Career is not just about jobs, industries, interviews and resumes. It is alive and ever-changing always to seek enhanced continuous improvement (CI) and equip with better skill sets. A stage of going from point A (current) to point B (future). Alongside, you are able to identify transferable qualities and turn weaknesses to new found abilities, helping to visualize a rewarding pathway that you enjoy doing.

Question is this (to self-reflect for 2011) - are you stuck, confused or uncertain? Perhaps work boredom, career dissatisfaction, stigma of unemployment, lack of improved remuneration or dull corporate environment? Whatever the case, 2011 could be a turning point in your life. Re-define the goals and reflect back the initial interests – “what do I like to do”? What will motivate you in 2011?

For me as a Career Coach, I have enjoyed talking and understanding people. In addition, I can’t be stagnant. I have to be commercially aware yet have a penchant to guide, motivate, advise and work closely with individuals on a customized basis. Service from the HEART was constantly in me. In the year of 2011, I have decided to embark on a detailed research program to compile interactive hands-on exercises and incorporate new fields of learning.

Here are my top 5 key areas for 2011:

1) In-depth BBI (behavioral-based) and competency-based interviews
2) Define your personal selling style (in our advertisement-driven world, we are constantly bombarded by sales ads. Why makes you adopt a certain brand?)
3) Soft skills advanced exercises such as presentation – design your personal framework
4) The brand “YOU” in the corporate world and on a social level
5) The negative part of YOU – everyone has fears. Include myself too!

What is your career plan in 2011? Quit and get a new job or pursue your personal interests? Stay in line with existing Profession or upgrade further?

Has your goals include "Career". If not, have you align with your intended direction?

Have fun thinking but remember nothing beats being healthy & jovial :)

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