Monday, September 13, 2010

What is your unique passion?

Recently, I read papers about dynamic individuals pursuing their unique passion till their interests develop into potential, realistic career pathways. They are able to visualize the intended direction and understand their inner potential.

I spoke to a number of people whom eyes sparkle brightly whenever their personal enthusiasm of a particular subject is analyzed further.

Let's assume all internal variables remain constant such as life challenges and financial constraints are not major influencing factors, as well as external obstacles not detrimental such as perceived societal stereotypes. We are talking about legalized boundaries, in case you may be wondering off your limits :-)

I churn out a list of 50 interests:

1) Outdoor Adventure Advisors
2) Market Trader / Investor
3) Critic - movie, general affairs, food etc...
4) Blogger
5) Sculptor (e.g. toys, clay, soap)br />6) Computer Technician
7) Private Tutor
8) Historian
9) Chauffeur
10) Musician
11) Composer
12) Game Animators
13) Stuntman
14) Singer
15) Fengshui Master
16) Fortune Teller
17) Dating Gurus
18) Taxidermists
19) Massage Therapists / Reflexologists
20) Trainers / Instructors
21) Hacker
22) Conference Speakers
23) Magician
24) Fashion Designers
25) Dancers
26) Tour Manager
27) Designers (e.g. Graphic)
28) Cartoonists
29) Artists
30) Bodyguard
31) Consultants - fashion, business, PR etc...
32) Ufologists
33) Explorer
34) Butler
35) Professional Poker Player
36) Writer
37) Geisha
38) Car Racer
39) Conservationists
40) Grave Digger
41) Busker
42) Ambassadors (e.g. Cosplay)
43) Undercover Agents
44) Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)
45) TV Host
46) Website / Software Developer
47) Investigator (e.g. Paranormal)
48) Storyteller
49) Athletes
50) Priest

Just for your reference only. Please evaluate your profile carefully. For me, I love personal career coaching. How about you?

Anything worth to explore further?

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