Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am on LIVE! Talkshow, 93.8FM - The Living Room

I have been invited on air by 93.8FM - The Living Room, MediaCorp Singapore for a LIVE! talkshow on 18 Dec (Thu) from 11am - 12noon.

Spoke about career development. Topic of discussion is:

----> school leavers choosing the type of courses in universities
1) factors affecting choice of courses
2) a quick broad range of courses available (do not have time to talk so many specialisations during the time slot when on air)
3) quick summary of questions you should ask yourself when select a course in university.

Wanted to share with all my readers - the REPEAT telecast is tonight, 18 Dec (Thu): 11pm - 12midnight. Tune in to 93.8FM.

Channelnewsasia: from 2am - 3am (if you not yet zzz)

Thank you 93.8FM!


Tat Lee said...

Proud of your achievements man! Way to go! :-)

Ken Tan said...

Thanks Charles! :) Good luck to you!


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