Sunday, December 14, 2008

The "PAVE" formula - mindset to better success

There is something interesting that I want to share with all my readers. How to secure the right mindset to achieve your goals?

Using the "Pave" formula:

P = Preparation
A = Affirmation
V = Visualization
E = Enthusiasm

Let me explain more details:

1) Preparation

Do you agree with me that once you are well prepared, you will be more confident and more focused? On the other hand, if you are not prepared, you will fear failure. This fear may undermine your confidence.

Think back the time when you were in school. When exams are approaching and if you had studied thoroughly with deep understanding, will you fear the worst or mentally prepared to score well when you enter the exam room?

2) Affirmation

Most of us during certain point of time in our lives, we always tell ourselves more negative things than positive ones. We are always driven by admiration of others and downplay our own abilities. This is also spurred by the fact of news media highlighting the achievements of others. So what to do then?

While it's not easy to silence the little critic in your head, but you can try outgunning him by using more positive self talk & affirmation. If you are focused and believe in your own positive traits, your own strengths, try using the following phrases below. Every individual is unique and may realize their own talent with strong affirmation of themselves. It's like creating a realistic world of your own expectations

(a) Use "I" word. This makes your affirmation personal & real. Tell yourself how YOU can do it, how YOU can achieve it, the plans YOU take and how YOU can be more valuable than others - in other words how YOU can shine within your own capabilities.

(b) Adopt the SMART affirmation. Please do not fool yourself. Make your affirmation realistic & believable unless you think you can be the next Minister of your own country!

This also does not mean you should aim low in your affirmations. You are not always an "OK" guy. Extraordinary measures CAN happen if you believe in yourself; if you stretch your mind to do the impossibles if you can. YOU are totally unique & irreplaceable. YOU are the one to shape your own destiny. Just need to believe in yourself, soar in your confidence and ride in the mood to meet your goals.

3) Visualization

Research suggest that the brain cannot always distinguish the real from the imagined. This means that if you stock of remembered positive experiences not sufficiently empowering, you can simply create some mental images to boost your self-confidence.

Visualize yourself confidently in propelling to the short term/long term targets of your written choices. For example, try to harness enough courage to ask your boss for a raise (that is of course you think you are worth that pinch of salt!) or ask the man/woman of your dreams out for a date. What can possibly happen in the end? Do you think your boss will sack you or downgrade you when you ask for a pay adjustment? In fact, your boss will not know your inner thoughts if you are unwilling to share. I agree this may be hard as most Asians by nature are not taught to "disrespect the elders" or there is a sense of embarrassment, fear if you open up this question (e.g. your fellow colleagues may oppose your views). But your boss may think likewise or appreciate your open end discussion, so that better rapport can be built. I cannot guarantee you the next pay rise; least to provide answers through project visualizations. Always think of a possible scenario to visualize your pockets of successes. Doesn't matter whether your mental images are memories of actual events or mere fantasies. The purpose of visualization help to build confidence & a pathway to your intended goals.

4) Enthusiasm

If you want to appear confident, you need to move people emotionally as well as rationally. To do this, you have to be enthusiastic. When others sense you are passionate about a certain issue, they may perceive you as confident & convincing.
They may more likely to regard you favorably or accept what you say. Enthusiasm to my understanding spread like contagious diseases.

After reading the "PAVE" approach, use it. Do it now and foresee yourself scaling to greater heights.


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