Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple pointers for interviews

Here are some interesting insights on "what to wear for interviews". I believe many out there will know exactly what to do. These pointers are just for gentle reminders.

First of all, it depends on your job scope, you have to dress well, look great & smell nice before the interview.

I seen fellow interviewers wear shorts & slippers for the interview with a new paper on hand! Terrible. Respect the job, respect the organization, respect the interviewer. In turn, they will give you "extra marks" for your appearance.

So what do we mean "first impression"

In summary:

1) Iron your business shirt & have a matching tie. Avoid "mickey mouse", "donald duck" ties. Comb, gel your hair & have a tidy, neat outlook. Treat the interview that you are going for an important function

2) Outraged dressing is a no-no. For example, hide tattoos, bottle caps earrings...

3) Smile, be polite & friendly. Greet your interviewer "good morning/good afternoon", how are you today? Had your lunch/breakfast?". Everyone likes to feel appreciated and you can do so to the interviewer. Let him feel comfortable with you. But do not do too much PR otherwise it looks "fake".

4) Some companies (e.g. Japanese organizations) do take account on certain "unseen" terms. If you are being wheeled to a boardroom, avoid sitting in the front as these are for higher management personnel. Sit somewhere in the middle or closer to the 2nd/3rd row where you can have a comfortable face-to-face chat with the interviewer. No ringing of handphones during the interview. Do not look nice. Put slient mode. Also during waiting for the interviewer, try not to fidget too much with your mobile, SMS your mobile, or talk in your phone like your grandfather place. Remember many eyes noticing you. Greet the receptionist. She may tell the interviewer that you are friendly & appear nice.

5) Be punctual. Even if you are really late, call the interviewer up and apologise. When you arrive, sincerely apologise to the interviewer. Ask him on how his day has been, so as to let him regain his positive impression of you. Remember he has already seen many interviewers & is tired for the day.

You are a package, a parcel for the company to unwrap & discover your untapped potential. In order to beautify the package, you need ribbons & decorations. Thats where you have to take the effort to groom yourself.

Once you feel good, you will have a strong sense of confidence. Your interviewer will develop focused lasting impression of you.

Good Luck!

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