Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 common FAQ (interview questions)

I have briefly gathered 5 common questions (not in order) - what you will be asked during the interview. There are no right & wrong answers, but remember to answer them professionally & intelligently:

1) Tell me more about yourself / briefly explain about your background
- interviewer may wish to know your qualifications, experience, skills learned, hobbies, awards & achievements, your character. You may want to put in a brief personal experience in the past that you learn before.

2) Why do you choose this job?
- mostly people will mention "because good career prospect". but in the first place, what you mean "good" and how do you know this can help you advance your career to the type of career you want? You may want to say you choose this job because you see that you can value-add to the company roles & vision (read company profile through website) with your own skill sets and you see your own passion & commitment to continuously strive to excel better.

3) What is your expected salary? why?
- Now, this is a very tricky question. You worry you may market yourself too low and if too high, company find you overpricing yourself. Therefore you may ask them back "what is the industry expectation?" This depends on your own skills, abilities and experiences again to align to the salary scale. Ultimately be frank and state your expected salary

4) What are your weaknesses and strengths
- Strengths no problem. Humans afraid to tell weaknesses. They worry jeopardize their chances of getting the job offer. Employers want the truth and hope you are sincere in them. So explain to them that humans are not born perfect and your weaknesses are ......then you mention that you always believe in continuously strive to learn & be better. State your own experience on how you overcome your own weaknesses and realize your own mistakes. Be pragmatic.

5) It seems you always change jobs over the last 2 years and not ready to settle down. Why is that so?
- Now, many people will mention "because of better career advancement". Technically its not wrong, however it gives employer not a precise answer and he may think his organization will not give such leverage to you. how you define advancement? is it when you become Manager then you are satisfied? because people are NEVER satisfied and always want to rise further due to peer pressure. Therefore you may mention that you are not a job hopper (hopefully you are truly NOT!) but change jobs because you wish to be exposed and learn from certain industries that gives you certain skill sets. Besides the normal remuneration, satisfaction, environment, you find that changing jobs could allow you to meet people from all walks of life, thereby you gain cross-cultural communication skills and interpersonal abilities, something school does not teach. Gradually, you find yourself growing personally and have a broader, wider horizon. Then you further emphasis that now you have in the past learn many scenarios and now manage to find something that suits your characteristics which you will fully put in the full commitment.

Hope the model questions & answers help remember no right or wrong answers. answer them CONFIDENTLY (not overconfident or under confident), clearly and professionally.

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